Delizia cocoa


with sweetener

Net weight: 50gr


Delicious round biscuits in their original shape. If you had them you cannot do without them. A great snack which nourishes muscle tone with only 0.5 gr. of sugars per portion...Flavors available: vanilla/lemon, cocoa and apricot.

wheat protein (GLUTEN), isolated pea proteins, EGG white, WHEAT fibre, acacia fibre, OAT fibre, cocoa (5%), high oleic sunflower oil, sweetener: maltitol, erythritol, sodium cyclamate, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, pyrophosphate sodium, natural flavors.

Average nutritional1 portion
Energy 374 Kcal187 Kcal
1566 KJ783 KJ
- of which saturates6.00g3.00g
- of which sugars1.00g0.50g
- of which sodium52mg26mg

Why choose them

  • An incredible shape without giving up taste
  • A delicious sweet snack with few carbohydrates
  • A tasty healthy snack with no flour and no added sugars
  • Wholesome biscuits designed for your low-carb diet
  • Food respecting vegan or vegetarian diets
  • A mouth-watery break able to avoid sudden glycemic changes
  • FeelingOk Delizie is the best response on the market to your needs.

If you are looking for

  • Yes to physical fitness: it nourishes muscle tone with 15 gr. of protein per portion
  • No to surprises on the scale: it helps keep the amount of carbs under control
  • Yes to wellness: it does not increase glycemia and insulin like standard products composed of flour or sugars do
  • No to hunger: it has a high satiating power
  • Yes to taste: it satisfies your palate just like standard products do
  • Always with you: thanks to practical single-serving sizes

The right choice supported by numbers

less sugars than the average of the best-selling standard biscuits
more protein than the average of the best-selling standard biscuits

..Source: AIDEPI, for further information: